Gloria Jansen

Gloria Jansen, a 24 year old photographer, is born in Germany, but grown up in Belgium, where she still lives.

She began to make photos at the age of 13 years with an very old Contax Camera and later she studied photography in Maastricht (Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten), Netherlands.

She loves to travel and discover new places and then enchant with their staged stories. 

Here you can see some pictures from a big projects she have been working on for almost 3 years. She calls them her „Inner Pictures“ because her ideas often break the surface from the depth of a lake of thoughts like little bubbles.

Each picture can stand by itself, it can also be a part of a small series. But all pictures together should form a whole. Sometimes there are dream-sequences, a childhood memory or fairytales, that makes her come upon those pictures. First they arise in her thoughts, take up a constant space, want to be shown…

The most wonderful thing for her is when they become real.

Real people, scenes and stories…


One of the most important questions of her work, is the question of origin.

Her family and friends always play an enorme role, aswell as the always recurring desire to portray herself.

Always keeping search for ones personal origin, the roots, home… and to link this quest with the stories over the course of time. To find places that embody time. Places which are already full of stories, before you get there.

Almost all of the pictures shown here where taken while travelling around the world.

The closed eyes are both symbol of the „Inner Pictures“ and make it easier to feel the line between dream and reality.